Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fashionably Fit?

These are perfect examples of why fit is so important when shopping for clothes. As you can see from all of these examples, no matter what size you are, you must wear the correct size and you need to be conscious of your silhouette. For example, if your skirt length is too short or two long, it can make you look larger. If your hem is placed at a part of your leg that is tapered, such as just above or below the knee, it can make you appear taller and thinner! Wearing baggy clothes, as you can see, makes you appear larger. Clothes that are too tight, has the same effect. So, some simple rules to follow: 1. Dressing monochromatically will make you appear taller and thinner. 2. Hem lengths for skirts, tops and pants should be at tapered parts of your body. (Think about it, if you draw a horizontal line across the widest part of your hips, you will appear wider. Be careful where tops hit...preferably your waist. 3. Push up your sleeves! Again, cuffs at your wrists, can add 3 inches to each side of your hips when hanging at your sides. Who wants that?? 4. Wear at least a 1 inch heel if possible. It will help you appear more lean. 5. Always wear the correct size for your body! 6. Stop trying to hide body parts you feel are your flaws. Instead, bring the attention to your best features like your face! 7. Having a basic wardrobe and then changing your look through the use of accessories, will help you save money and change your look as the trends change. Plus it's fun!!

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